Dock windows to your screen edges
Unlimited Free Trial
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and later
including macOS 14 Sonoma
Tuck allows you to dock windows to the edge of your screen and automatically show when your cursor hits the screen edge.
What Is Tuck?

Tuck is a handy menu bar application that allows you to quickly and simply clear multi-window clutter by hiding windows under your screen edges.

Safari, Finder, Pages, it doesn't matter, Tuck will work its magic to help wrangle your windows into place.

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Tips & Tricks
  • For additional control over your window management, consider using Tuck together with SizeUp and Cinch to get the most out of your screen space.
  • Use ShadowSweeper to make your tucked windows even less visible.
  • Some app windows can be tucked under the Menu Bar, such as Stickies, which makes for a handy notepad.