Cinch Help

First, you might see if your issue is covered in the sections below.

I do my best to respond to email within 24 hours. Please provide as much detail as possible (screenshots are nice) to help avoid "back and forth" emails.

Known Issues

Cinch on macOS 10.14 Mojave and later

Cinch is supported on these newest versions of macOS, but some customers find that Cinch isn't working properly, even after Enabling Accessibility.

Sometimes a reboot is enough to resolve this issue.
If not, here are some steps to fix the issue.

Note: Please pay close attention, as these steps look similar to the regular Enabling Accessibility instructions, but with a few changes.

  1. Quit Cinch.
  2. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab > Accessibility.
  3. Click the lock icon in the lower left to make changes
    (you will be prompted to enter an Administrator's password).
  4. Drag Cinch from Finder and drop it onto the list of apps to the right (even if Cinch is already in the list).
  5. Restart Cinch.

While it may not look like anything happened, this process refreshes the Accessibility database. It's not enough to remove [-] and re-add [+] Cinch, the real magic comes from dragging Cinch from Finder and dropping it onto the list.

If Cinch still doesn't work, then it might indicate that either your Accessibility database or Cinch is corrupt.

Contact support if you have any questions.

Cinch asking to "receive keystrokes" on macOS 10.15 Catalina

Dialog showing "Cinch" would like to receive keystrokes from any application.

Please update or download Cinch 1.2.4 or later.

Rest assured, Cinch does not monitor keystrokes, but does track the mouse cursor in order to trigger window resizing. Cinch 1.2.3 and prior used an older technology to track mouse events called an "Event Tap." A new "Input Monitoring" permission was added in macOS 10.15 Catalina which detects apps using an Event Tap (even if just for mouse events) and pops up this warning. Cinch 1.2.4 now uses a more modern "Global Event Monitor" to track the mouse on Catalina and later to avoid this warning.

Other Issues

The top edge can be difficult to cinch to on OS X 10.11 El Capitan and later, as this gesture is now used to activate Spaces/Mission Control. We're exploring workarounds for this issues.

Some windows have a minimum size, so even if you try to resize the window smaller yourself, it will not go any smaller. This might cause a window to take up more than 50% of the screen and might overlap another window. Apple's own apps (iPhoto, iMovie, Preview, etc) have particularly wide minimum widths, as Apple intends for you to use many of these apps in Full Screen mode now.