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Swipe Shortcut (Modifiers)

Swipe Shortcut (Modifiers)

You can define your own set of modifiers to serve as the Swipe shortcut in Tuck's Preferences > Shortcuts tab.

Keep in Mind:

  • The Option (⌥) key is not the best choice as Mac OS X has a feature when you Option click on a window the previous application will hide, which you might accidentally do while using "Swipe to tuck".
  • The Function (Fn) key might not work on some keyboards, such as the Logitech K760, as the key is processed by the keyboard and not sent to the computer where Tuck can register the key change.


The window must be focused for the swipe gesture to be recognized.

The swipe gesture has nothing to do with the speed of the swipe, Tuck is simply looking to see if you're holding the right modifier keys when the mouse cursor cross an edge of the front most window.  The direction of crossing (left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top) will determine the direction the window is Tucked.