SizeUp Help

First, you might see if your issue is covered in the sections below.

I do my best to respond to email within 24 hours. Please provide as much detail as possible (screenshots are nice) to help avoid "back and forth" emails.

Known Issues

SizeUp crashes when coming out of sleep

Unfortunately, this is a known issue with the late 2016 MacBook Pros with Touch Bar. We will release an update with a fix soon, but in the meantime, here's a workaround:

  1. Quit SizeUp.
  2. Launch and paste these commands and press enter:
    defaults write -app SizeUp NSFunctionBarAPIEnabled -bool NO
  3. Restart SizeUp.
  4. To test if this worked, put your Mac to sleep, then wake it up again.
If not, please contact support using the email above.